Please ALWAYS include the email address, payment method, transaction ID and url of your site(s) when writing to us for a status update or any order-specific information. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you write to us from the same email address used to make payment. We request that you use a descriptive subject line when writing to us. "Status update for www.example.tld" is more descriptive than simply "Status update".

Please send all inquiries, order status requests, testimonials, feedback, custom requests & all other communications to:
Alternatively, you can contact us on live chat (lower right corner of your screen) for a quick reply.

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Please read this mini-FAQ before emailing us!:

  • How do I place a bulk order?
    Write to us with the subject "Bulk order X sites" (X being the number of sites you'd like to order for) to ensure the fastest response with the number of packages you'd like to order & we will get back to you with a quote. Alternatively, you can simply submit multiple orders using the form on our homepage without availing a discounted price.

  • Do you accept payment via bank transfer, western union, or cheque?:
    Only for bulk orders, yes. Please email us with the subject "Alternative payment" for payment details. Using this subject will ensure a quicker response from us.

  • What is the average time for completion of an order after payment?
    The average time would be 96 hours (for 500 social bookmark links). The timeframe for completion of an order depends on the current workload. It can be anywhere between 48 hours to a maximum of 12 days. Bulk orders are processed at a much quicker pace as they are worked on simultaneously. It is our policy not to compromise on the quality of the work for speed, although we boast of some of the fastest turnaround times compared to competing providers.

  • How many people are involved in this business & where are you located?
    The team for social bookmark submissions consists of 10 core full-time personnel, with several others available on-demand to cater to bulk orders & exceptionally busy weeks. The staff is based in Mumbai, India & our sales team is based in Singapore.

  • Do you offer support via MSN/Yahoo!/AIM?
    Please use the chat screen on the lower right for live chat support.
  • I have some special requirements.
    We are generally very accommodative of buyers' needs & will be glad to work with you. Please write to us prior to placing an order if you have any special needs in order to clarify feasibility, timeframe and additional pricing (if any).

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